Dars 2015

Dars held by Maulana Mohammed Zakariya (damat barakatuhum) on Thursdays after Isha at Masjid ut Taqwa, located at:

14 Ladysmith Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 1M7
(416) 406-6282

Brothers are encouraged to attend in person to receive maximum benefit. A separate section is also made available for sisters wishing to attend.

For Duroos not appearing below, please listen to them via the following link:


Thursday Dars – 17th December 2015


Thursday Dars – 3rd December 2015


Thursday Dars – 26th November 2015 


Thursday Dars – 12th November 2015
Fazail e durood Sharif – Invoking blessings abudantly on the Noble Prophet Salallahu alaihi wasallam, Invoking blessings at least 300 times, Stories # 5 – 7
Tafseer – Surah Layl, 3 qualities of Believers, Abu Bakr radhiAllahu anhu
Shamail-e-Kubra – extinguishing burning flames/lamps before going to sleep, seal the water skin, close the door, cover the food items, combing one’s hair before sleeping, applying kohl to eyes before sleeping, method of applying kohl, dusting off one’s bed before sleeping, dusting off bed when returning to it after a while, sleep on the right side
Aadaab ul Muaasharat – the adaab of the masjid


Thursday Dars – 5th November 2015
Fazail e durood Sharif – Durood e Tunijina, A durood similar to durood tunijina for plague/cancer
Tafseer – Surah Shams, tazkiya, Allama Sabooni ra
Shamail-e-Kubra – Sublime conduct of Nabi Kareem (salAllahu alihi wasallam) when going to sleep, reward of a martyr when sleeping with wudhu, suplication of the angel when sleeping with wudu, angel sleeps in the bed with one who sleeps with wudhu, resurrection of one who sleeps with wudhu, soul prostrates to Allah Ta’la if sleeping with wudhu, the shayateen do not bother one who sleeps with wudhu and will see true dreams, using the miswak before sleeping, using the miswak upon awakening, keeping the miswak at the headside


Thursday Dars – 30th October 2015 – Tafseer Surah Balad


Thursday Dars – 22nd October 2015
Fazail e durood sharif – Introduction


Thursday Dars – 15th October 2015
Fazail e durood sharif – Invoking blessings on Fridays, glad tidings due to invoking blessings
Sacred month of Muharram and fasting, blessing of Imaan, making up missed salah, working for the akhira


Thursday Dars – 8th October 2015
Ma’ariful Qur’an – Tafseer Surah Al-Fajr
Shamail-e-Kubra – Etiquettes when bidding farewell to guests, duas for the host, a few masail of eating

Thursday Dars – 1st October 2015
Ma’ariful Qur’an – Tafseer Surah Al-Ghashiyah, duas during wudhu, not wasting water while performing wudhu.
Shamail-e-Kubra – Etiquettes pertaining to attending functions

Thursday Dars – 17th September 2015 – Hazrat Maulana Khalil Sahab (nawwarAllahu marqadahu)


Thursday Dars – 21st May 2015 – Dua of Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (r.a.), Etiquittes of eating, don’t visit during mealtimes, helping yourself to food when visiting a friend, inviting guests

Thursday Dars – 7th May 2015 – Maulana Muhammad Sahab (db) – Allah ki Muhabbat Nabi kareem salallahu alaihi wasaallam ki itiba’a mein milaygi, iman bil ghaib, Haqqul Yaqeen, itiba’a-e-Sunnat ke fazail, sunnat Nuh alihissalaam ki kishti hai, itiba’a e sunnat ke chaar fawaid, masnoon duain, tabbarukaat e Nabi salallahu alaihi wasalaam aur hubb-e-Nabi salallahu alaihi wasallam ke teen a’maal, sidq ki fazilat, amanat , parosi ke saath husne sulook

Thursday Dars – 30th April 2015 – Maulana Tajul Islam Sahab (damat barakatuhum) – Kamyabi Sunnat mein hai (Success is through acting on the Sunnah)

Thursday Dars – 19th March 2015 – Cancelled

Thursday Dars – 12th March 2015 – Tafseer Surah Al-Inshiqaq (Ayat 1-5), dua to be recited when eating with a lepper or a person with a dangerous disease, the adab of istiftaa (seeking a fatwa)

Thursday Dars – 5th March 2015 – Tafseer Surah Mutafifeen, duas to be read for the host

Thursday Dars – 26th February 2015 – Deep Knowledge of our Salaf-as-Saliheen and their great scholarly works

Thursday Dars – 19th February 2015

Thursday Dars – 12th February 2015 – Cancelled

Thursday Dars – 5th February 2015

Thursday Dars – 29th January 2015 – Tafseer Surah Mutafifeen, duas

Thursday Dars – 22nd January 2015 – Chapter concerning the duas that should be recited

Thursday Dars – 15th January 2015 – Tafseer Surah Al-Infitar, different types of cups used by Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wasallam.mp3

Thursday Dars – 1st January 2014 – Tafseer Surah Takwir, sunnah manner of drinking Zamzam, drinking leftover water of wudu