Dars 2016

Dars held by Maulana Mohammed Zakariya (damat barakatuhum) on Thursdays after Isha at Masjid ut Taqwa, located at:

14 Ladysmith Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 1M7
(416) 406-6282

Brothers are encouraged to attend in person to receive maximum benefit. A separate section is also made available for sisters wishing to attend.

For Duroos not appearing below, please listen to them via the following link:


Thursday Dars – 29th September 2016

Thursday Dars – 21st July 2016
Importance of Dhikr Majalis, sincerity, knowledge and actions

Thursday Dars – 2nd June 2016

Tafsir – Surah Al-Falaq, Surah An-Naas, virtures of mu’awazatain, protection from magic, nazr, and jinns
Adaab ul Muasharaat – adaab for one’s Shaikh, how seniors should behave with juniors

Thursday Dars – 18th August 2016


Thursday Dars – 26th May 2016
Tafsir – Surah Ikhlaas, not easy to die with imaan, virtues of surah iklaas
Surah Falaq – Protection from Jinns, Magic, and Nazr


Thursday Dars – 19th May 2016
Tafsir Surah Al-Lahab
Islamic months – Fasting in the month of Shaban, 15th of Shaban, fasting for 2 consecutive months, layl-ul-bara’


Thursday Dars – 10th March 2016

Thursday Dars – 3rd March 2016

Thursday Dars – 25th February 2016

Thursday Dars – 18th February 2016(AfterNikah)
Thursday Dars – 18th February 2016

Thursday Dars – 4th February 2016

Thursday Dars – 21st January 2016.mp3

Thursday Dars – 14th January 2016.mp3

Thursday Dars – 7th January 2016.mp3