Dars 2013

Dars held by Maulana Mohammed Zakariya (damat barakatuhum) on Thursdays after Isha at Masjid ut Taqwa, located at:

14 Ladysmith Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 1M7
(416) 406-6282

Brothers are encouraged to attend in person to receive maximum benefit. A separate section is also made available for sisters wishing to attend.

19th December 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 370 – Miscellaneous traditions of wisdom & knowledge (Continued – Part. 2)

12th December 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 370 – Miscellaneous traditions of wisdom & knowledge

5th December 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 369 – What a person should say or do who commits forbidden acts

28th November 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 368 – Severe admonition for committing things prohibited by Allah Ta’la and Rasulullah salAllahu alaihi wasallam

21st November 2013
Thursday Dars – 21st November 2013 – Kufr and disbelief and safeguarding oneself from baatil (falsehood)

17th October 2013
No Dars

10th October 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 363 – Prohibition of carrying the Quran Majeed into Enemy territory, Ch. 364 – Prohibition of using gold and silver utensils, Sunnah of eating spicy food, vinegar, and Thareed

3rd October 2013
Thursday Dars – 3rd October 2013 – Ch. 362 – Vehemence of Magic

26th September 2013
Thursday Dars – Prohibition of pointing towards a muslim with a weapon deliberately or in joke and handing over an unsheathed sword

19th September 2013
No Dars

12th September 2013
Thursday Dars – Prohibition of spending money on items prohibited by Sharia

27th June 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 355 – Prohibition of Malpractices in Commerce

20th June 2013
Thursday Dars – Significance of 15th of Sha’ban

13th June 2013 
Thursday Dars – Ch. 353 – Prohibition of preferring one child over another in gift giving, & 354 – Prohibition of a woman mourning anybody for more than 3 days except her husband

6th June 2013
Thursday Dars – 27th Night of Rajab & Mi’raj, Ch. 350 – Prohibition of intercession in the matters of hudood (prescribed punishment under shariat law against grave crimes)

30th May 2013 
Thursday Dars – Ch. 346-349 – Prohibitions of sawm-e-wisaal, sitting on a grave, making a solid grave, & a slave running away from his master

23rd May 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 344. Repugnance of offering voluntary prayers after Iqamah, Ch. 345 – Undesireablity of specifying Friday for fasting, & Sunnahs of eating meat

16th May 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 343 – Prohibition of passing in front of a praying person

9th Dars 2013
Thursday Dars – Importance of studying under qualified teachers & Ch. 341 – Dislike for looking right and left during prayer

2nd May 2013
Thursday Dars – 2nd May 2013 – Ch . 338 – Dislike of placing one’s hand on one’s waist during prayers

25th April 2013 
Thursday Dars – Ch. 336 – Proh. of a wife observing a nafl fast without the permission of her husband when he is at home, Ch. 337 – Proh. of raising the head from sajdah before the imam.mp3

18th April 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 334 – Dislike for conversation after Isha prayer, Ch. 335 – Prohibition of a woman refusing herself to her husband when he calls her without religious excuse

11th April 2013
Thursday Dars – The status of the Elders of Deoband, current state of the Ummah and importance of Dua

4th April 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 332 – Prohibition of making dua like Forgive me if you wish, O Allah, Foods loved by Nabi Kareem (SalAllahu Alaihi Wasallam)

21st March 2013  
Thursday Dars – 21st March 2013 – The State of the Ummah & the importance of Dua

14th March 2013
Thursday Dars – Prohibition of enumerating the physical charms of a woman before a man except in the case of some religious requirement like Marriage etc, eating bread or roti with vinegar

7th March 2013 
Thursday Dars – Ch. 330 Prohibition of calling grapes Karm (generous), having something sweet before or after a meal

28th February 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 327 – Prohibition of vulgar and loose talk, Ch. 328 – Dislike for using irksome and exaggerated terms in conversation, a believer eats less.mp3

21st February 2013 
Thursday Dars – Ch. 325 – Prohibition of attributing rain to a particular star, Ch. 326 – Prohibition of addressing a Muslim as a Disbeliever & Sunnah of taking a nap in the afternoon

14th February 2013
Thursday Dars – Ch. 322 – Prohibition of abusing fever & Benefits of eating together from one plate
100 Salaat & Salaam from Hadith

7th February 2013
Dars Cancelled

31st January 2013
Dars Cancelled

24th January 2013
Thursday Dars – RabiAlAwwal & connecting ourselves to Rasulullah (salAllahu alaihi wasallam)