Dars 2010

Dars held by Maulana Mohammed Zakariya (damat barakatuhum) on Thursdays after Isha at Masjid ut Taqwa, located at:

14 Ladysmith Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 1M7
(416) 406-6282

Brothers are encouraged to attend in person to receive maximum benefit. A separate section is also made available for sisters wishing to attend.

30th December 2010
No Dars

23th December 2010
Thursday Dars –  Controlling the tongue (pt 1).mp3

16th December 2010
Thursday Dars – The book of Forbidden deeds

9th December 2010
Thursday Dars – Muharram and fasting

3rd December 2010
Thursday Dars – Karamaat of the Auliya Allah (pt 4)

25th November 2010
Thursday Dars – Importance of following a Madhab

18th November 2010
Eid – No Dars

11th November 2010
Dars – 11th November 2010 – Virtues of the first Ten days for Dhul-Hijjah

4th November 2010
Dars – Karamaat of the Auliya Allah (pt 3)

28th October 2010
Dars – Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and his family’s submission to Allah

21st October 2010
Dars – The Karamaat of the Auliya Allah (pt. 2)
Zikr Majlis

14th October 2010
Dars – The Karamaat of the Auliya Allah (pt. 1)

7th October 2010
Dars – Friends of Allah and their Virtues & 99 Salatus Salaam

30th September 2010
Dars – Etiquettes of Dua & Qasidah Burdah Chapter 3

23rd September 2010
Dars – Virtues of supplicating for absentees, and following the Salaf-as-saliheen
Qasida Burdah – Chapter 2 & 99 Salaatus-Salaam

16th September 2010
Dars  –  Keeping Sunnah Fasts outside of Ramadan
Qasida Burdah – Chapter 1